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PostgreSQL: palestra tuning extremo em hardware 40 núcleos, 80 threads, 512 GB RAM, Debian

Palestra com dicas de tuning extremo para dezenas de milhares de TPS e IOPS com PostgreSQL sobre Debian GNU/Linux.

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Debian Project and SERPRO partnership preliminary report 1

SERPRO, the Brazilian IT government agency, has been advancing in its collaboration with Debian Project.

This is a first preliminary informal report about these advancements. This is not an official statement from Debian Project nor SERPRO, yet.

SERPRO is the Brazilian IT government company and the biggest IT one in Latin America.

Back in 2008, they chose Debian GNU/Linux as preferred OS distribution for new deployments and announced their intent to collaborate with Debian Project.

As one could expect, such bold decision, at a multi billion dollars IT budget government company, was not easy to take nor to implement.

It was only at September 2009 that I got moved to a very FOSS friendly department. Since the move, I can work directly on Debian deployments and collaboration efforts, contacting more people across the company.

SERPRO had started deployments of Debian servers for a number of government ministries in 2009.

Internally, new Debian servers have been deployed.

The communications suite, Expresso Serpro, started to be deployed on Debian servers for ministries also. The high profile one, Ministerio da Fazenda (Treasury Secretary), and its department Procuradoria Geral da Fazenda (IRS attorneys), started to use it.

It is an uphill battle. Changing culture from third party services consuming oriented government company to a hands-on one is not easy. Training is still lacking across the country company teams.

Another initiative, SERPRO desire to host a Debian mirror.

Yet another valuable initiative, Serpro will offer man hours of its employees to help Debian Project. An internal GForge was set up to group and track employees efforts. The first Debian related efforts at this mode will involve some tasks that Serpro has interest: APT bugs cleanup and php-java-bridge Debian improvements. These are the starters, and more tasks are expected. We hope to get a group of Serpro professionals contributing to Debian during business hours.

I have been working on Debian servers deployments and tuning for heavy loads these months, because of the partnership decision (as was the department transfer also). Many internal documents were produced to guide further Debian corporate deploymens to other deployment teams and I hope to adapt and translate some of them. Internal info could not be disclosed, of course. But there are valuable broad interest information that could be published.

Now we have to internally invite SERPRO employees to participate at these Debian efforts. If you have text suggestions to this, please contribute at Debian Publicity mailing list.

SERPRO escolhe Debian GNU / Linux e deseja colaborar

O SERPRO escolheu Debian GNU / Linux como distribuição preferencial em servidores e deseja aumentar a interação colaborativa com a comunidade do Projeto Debian.

How to configure maximum performance storage space for Debian GNU / Linux on IBM DS 8300 Data Storage Systems

The IBM DS 8300 Data Storage Systems are multi millions dollars flexible high availability and performance SAN machines.

But you may left much of such performance and availability behind if you do not configure them correctly for Debian GNU / Linux.

See how to ask for performance data storage space on them. Or what you need to configure on them.

Read about an actual configuration running with Debian GNU / Linux hosts at SERPRO.


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