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PostgreSQL: palestra tuning extremo em hardware 40 núcleos, 80 threads, 512 GB RAM, Debian

Palestra com dicas de tuning extremo para dezenas de milhares de TPS e IOPS com PostgreSQL sobre Debian GNU/Linux.

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Debian GNU/Linux SuiteTelecentro: millions of users for the digital society every year

The Brazilian Debian GNU / Linux SuiteTelecentro benefits more than 4 millions users every year.

The Brazilian Debian GNU / Linux SuiteTelecentro is a custom solution which is currently being deployed in the Digital Inclusion Program of Banco do Brasil. SuiteTelecentro is used in approximately 2000 telecentres and computer rooms. The Program is all across Brazil through various partners such as local communities and Non Governmental Organizations. The Program is already active at 953 cities, with more than 40,000 donated computers, 2,900 instructors trained, and more than 4 millions low-income users who benefit from the Debian GNU / Linux SuiteTelecentro and Digital Inclusion Program of Banco do Brasil each and every year.

With 668,000 total downloads at its Brazilian development site on Codigo Livre, the customized Debian GNU / Linux SuiteTelecentro is in the top 5 among the 1952 projects hosted.

The SuiteTelecentro, for use at telecentres, allows for the utilisation of older, lower performance computer hardware as terminals for LTSP servers. Through this technology, a telecentre needs only a single machine with a more up-to-date processor and more memory, where all software will be executed. The less capable ones act only as graphical interfaces.

Gilson Jardim, Issamo Kisaka and members of Free Software Digital Inclusion Team, Banco do Brasil IT Board, stated in an interview to Debian Times that the SuiteTelecentro project chose Debian GNU / Linux as its foundation because of the Debian Project commitment to Free Libre Software, and the documentation quality that allows easy customization of the Debian Installer. The main advantages of using Debian GNU / Linux for SuiteTelecentro are the easy system, packages and services installation; easy upgrade and configuration; and the inherent stability and security of the system.

The latest stable version contains the KDE graphical environment which runs over LTSP. The user remotely executes the office suite, the Firefox web browser and the Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program).

The SuiteTelecentro also includes the telecentre management software Ocara and its dependencies ( Apache, MySQL, PHP). Ocara was developed by the IT department of Banco do Brasil , which has already migrated 50,000 desktops and 15,000 ATMs to GNU / Linux; 90,000 installations.

The latest stable version, 1.1-7, was developed on Debian GNU / Linux 3.1 Sarge. The next version 2.0 is upcoming. As of April 2008, the Beta 10-8 version is available for download. The new features over previous stable version are:

  • Based on Debian GNU / Linux 4.0 Etch operating system.
  • LTSP 4.2
  • Gnome graphical desktop environment
  • Simplified installation process
  • MediaWiki
  • The "menu_telecentro" script, with options to create boot diskettes, enable and configure remote terminals (video, mouse, swap configurations and reconfigurations), modify MySQL passwords.


SuiteTelecentro website

About the Debian Project

Debian GNU / Linux is one of the free libre operating systems (GNU/Linux, GNU/Hurd, GNU/NetBSD, GNU/kFreeBSD), running 18733+ officially maintained packages on platforms, from cell phones and network devices to mainframes and supercomputers, developed by more than two thousand volunteers from all over the world who collaborate via the internet on the Debian Project.

Debian's dedication to Free Libre Open Source Software, its constitutional non-profit nature, its open and meritocratic development model, organization and social governance make it a first among free libre operating system distributions.

The Debian project's key strengths are its volunteer base, its dedication to the Debian Social Contract and the Debian Constitution, and its commitment to provide the best operating systems attainable, following a strict quality policy, working with an established QA Team and helpful users reporting bugs, suggestions, exchanging ideas, and registering experiences.

You can help Debian Project without joining it and even not being a programmer, or being a development and or service partner company or institution at the Debian Partner Program, or simply making various donations to the Debian Project.

Debian Project news, press releases and press coverage can be found from the official Debian wiki page. PR contact at debian-publicity list.

Swiss canton Solothurn is migrating 2000 desktops to Debian GNU Linux

It runs "smoothly, the conversion is a complete success and a major step forward".

"The independence from suppliers and its business policy played an important role with our decision."

In a 2000 desktops environment, the Debian GNU / Linux allowed 70% savings in costs.

Canadian British Columbia's School District #73 opts for Debian GNU / Linux

Kamloops Thompson School District #73, British Columbia, Canada, with 55 elementary and secondary schools, chose a majority of open source software on Debian GNU / Linux as it is easier to maintain and in their experience offers better support.

Ministry of Education from Brazil is buying 90,000 Debian GNU Linux computers

Ministry of Education from Brazil is buying 90,000 Debian GNU Linux computers, with compatible wireless cards, wireless routers, laser printers.

Ministry of Education from Brazil is buying 3000 Debian GNU Linux with four multimedia terminal computers and printer each.

The Ministry of Education from Brazil is buying more 3000 Debian GNU / Linux , with four multimedia terminals and compatible printers for installing at 3000 rural schools, with 36 months contractual support.
This next bidding adds up to the previous 90000 Debian GNU / Linux computers, network and printers.


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