Ministry of Education from Brazil bought 90,000 Debian GNU Linux computers

Ministry of Education from Brazil bought 90,000 Debian GNU Linux computers, with compatible wireless cards, wireless routers, laser printers.

At October 22nd, 2007, the Ministry of Education from Brazil executed a bidding, using its government virtual trading room, for the aquisition of 90 thousand computers with Debian GNU / Linux 4 pre-installed (item of the edictal) as well as wireless cards, wireless routers, laser printers, all Debian GNU / Linux 4 compatible.
All computers will be installed at 9000 brazilian schools.
The fully working Debian GNU / Linux 4 installed may be lightly customized (pre-configurations and specified applications) for the equipments, or an already customized Debian GNU / Linux available at the Ministry sitecould be used .
The total compatibility with Debian GNU / Linux 4 must be proven, tested and demonstrated, through a test using some blank hard-disk machines delivered to the Ministry of Education.
The winners will made available a customized Debian GNU / Linux 4 image with the desktop applications specified.
The bidding 452007 process 23034.040575/2007-58 of FUNDO NACIONAL DE DESENVOLVIMENTO DA EDUCACAO - FNDE, MINISTERIO DA EDUCACAO, BRASIL, is not finished yet, as the initial winners will have to go through a series of steps to ensure and prove that meet strict compliance to all conditions of the 103 page detailed edictal and it can take months.
Other companies who took part in the bidding could still appeal from the decisions and this could take even longer.
The bidding 452007 could be tracked at the brazilian government bidding site ComprasNet using the following navigation sequence:
ComprasNet > Acesso Livre > "Consulta ata" > select "Pregao Eletronico", Select "Situacao = todas", select "Cod. UASG = 153173 > 452007

Update November 26,2007:
The machines were certified to run Debian 4.0 Etch .


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