Ministry of Education from Brazil bought 3000 Debian GNU Linux with four multimedia terminal computers and printer each

The Ministry of Education from Brazil bought more 3000 Debian GNU / Linux , with four multimedia terminals and compatible printers for installing at 3000 rural schools, with 36 months contractual support. This next bidding adds up to the previous 90000 Debian GNU / Linux computers, network and printers.

At november 30th, 2007, the brazilian Ministry of Education will use the government official virtual trading room site , ComprasNet, to call for offers from pre-qualified vendors.
The bidding 51/2007 process 23034.003003/2007-98 of FUNDO NACIONAL DE DESENVOLVIMENTO DA EDUCACAO - FNDE, MINISTERIO DA EDUCACAO, BRASIL, will require fully Debian 4.0 Etch compatible multimedia multiterminal CPUs fully demonstrated by tests with official Debian 4.0 installation disks (or the Ministry customized Debian available at its site) as the previous bidding 45/2007.
The four multimedia terminal solution will be installed at 3000 rural schools at various regions of Brasil.
The official site to obtain the 78 page detailed government edictal isComprasNet .
You will need the "Cod UASG = 153173" and "publishing date = 8 November 2007" with the navigation at Acesso Livre > Aviso Licitacoes > Select "todas modalidades".
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